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Flair 58 vs Flair 58+ Espresso Makers

Flair 58 vs Flair 58+ Espresso Makers

The coffee world buzzes with innovation, and the Flair series stands as a testament to this evolving landscape. Enter the Flair 58 and its slightly better looking younger brother, the Flair 58 plus, both masters in the art of espresso brewing. These handcrafted espresso makers are more than machines; they're portals to an elevated coffee experience.


Before getting stuck into the differences between each manual lever press let's dive into the mechanics of that underpin each of these machines. Both of these machines are fundamentally the same, in that they both require a manual force applied to the lever to push water through a bed of coffee beans.


What makes a manual lever espresso maker so irresistible for some coffee brewers, is the feedback you receive from pulling the lever down. It feels as if you are literally milking the beans into the essence of a beautiful espresso.


Not only that, but you may hear "pressure profiles" being thrown around as you look at reddit posts or forums. And that's basically literally adjusting how much pressure goes through the beans, so you're able to physically adjust how gentle or firm you can be on the bed of coffee. This can translate into different flavour and texture profiles!


Another component, is the minimalistic design of both the Flair 58 and the 58+. Among modern aesthetics, the wooden trimming contrasted against the black metal framing will give you an industrial vibe. It work especially well in kitchens or spaces with a white backsplash.


Someone using the Flair 58 plus

Let's talk Similarities

Ok, so before we get into the differences, what's the same in each of these coffee machines? How much of these are the same?

Well.. a lot of it actually, and I mean that in a good way! Flair have leaned on the old adage of it's not broke, why fix it? Even more to that point, the Flair 58 is such an excellent product, there hasn't been much to revise.

However, when the public spoke of some of their pain points, mainly around:

  1. the position of the electric point in the group head
  2. the difficulty around pouring water into the group head

The Flair team took that on board and recently released a new group head that goes across the Flair 58, 58x and the 58+ range. Additionally, the team increased size of the plunger slot for convenience and workflow.


The Flair 58 and 58 plus embodies elegance, simplicity, and precision. Crafted with sleek stainless steel and a refined design, it exudes a timeless appeal. Its manual lever-driven system offers an authentic espresso-making process that puts control firmly in the hands of the user.


Points of Difference:

The Flair 58 and 58+ boast robust construction, blending form and function seamlessly. Its polished finish exudes sophistication, making it a center piece in any kitchen. However, they do have subtle differences in design and details:

 Flair 58 Flair 58+

Wooden trim on portafilter and lever handle

Walnut trim on portafilter and lever handle

Black metal tamper

Flair 58 Tamp

Walnut palm tamper

Flair 58+ walnut tamper

Silver screws Blacked out screws

White background pressure gauge

Flair 58 Pressure Gauge

Black background pressure gauge

Flair 58+ Pressure Gauge

No mirror

Articulating Mirror so you can admire your shot

spanning mirror on flair 58+


What Comes with Each 58?

 Flair 58 Flair 58+
Espresso Maker Espresso Maker
Mirror coin spot (mirror to be purchased separately) Articulating mirror
Brew head with valve plunger and detachable PCB Brew head with valve plunger and detachable PCB
Detachable preheat controller Detachable preheat controller
Puck screen Puck screen
Pressure Gauge Pressure Gauge
58mm portafilter 58mm portafilter
16 - 22gram basket high-flow basket 16 - 22gram High and Low-flow baskets
58mm tamper 58mm palm tamper
Flair 58 drip tray Drip tray

Choosing Your Espresso Adventure

Deciding between these marvels hinges on your brewing preferences and desired level of control. The Flair 58 beckons purists with its classic design and reliable lever action. Meanwhile, the Flair 58+ entices those who really have an affinity to that industrial look with the walnut over blackened steel.

Both models promise exceptional espresso but cater to different design preferences. Either way, both models will transcend your imagination, inviting you to savour every sip of liquid artistry.


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Where Can I Get One?
Flair 58+ manual lever pressed
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