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Acaia Orbit vs Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 Blog Image

Acaia Orbit vs DF64

This article introduces both the Acaia Orbit and Coffee Techs DF64 Gen 2 in a battle against each other as single dose coffee grinders. You will come to see that each revel in their own way and have their own pros and cons. Undoubtedly, you will lean towards one by the end of this comparison!


Acaia Orbit

The Acaia Orbit isn't just a coffee grinder; it's a testament to precision and innovation in the world of coffee. Crafted for those who treat coffee brewing as a fine art, the Orbit boasts a design that's as elegant as it is functional. It's not just about grinding beans; it's about unlocking the full potential of your coffee as elegantly as possible.

The Acaia Orbit stands out with its integration of technology and simplistic features. It's designed for the modern coffee enthusiast who appreciates the finer details, from grind consistency to the perfect dose. The Orbit isn't just a grinder; it's a center piece of any sophisticated coffee setup.


acaia orbit front view



  • Precision Grinding: Ensures uniform grind size for optimal extraction with its powerful 64mm flat burrs.
  • Integrated Scale: Offers precise dosing for consistent results and helps with efficient workflow.
  • Compact and Elegant Design: Perfect for modern kitchens and small spaces.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the grinding process.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Connects with apps for customised brewing experiences.
acaia orbit hopper close up


Best Suited Consumer

The Acaia Orbit is perfect for the coffee enthusiast who pays attention to the smallest details. If you're someone who enjoys experimenting with different brewing methods and values precision in your grind, the Orbit is your ideal match.

This grinder is also a great fit for the tech-savvy coffee drinker who appreciates sleek design. If you love having the latest gadgets and want a grinder that looks as good as it performs, the Acaia Orbit is the way to go.


acaia orbit exiting chute close up

Coffee Tech DF64

Enter the world of the Coffeetech DF64, a grinder that's built SOLID, yet operates with the finesse of a professional barista. It’s designed for serious coffee aficionados who demand consistency, reliability, and volume in their coffee grinding.

The CT DF64 is versatile, powerful, and unapologetically focused on delivering the best grind, whether for a single cup or a large gathering. It's the kind of grinder that doesn't just fit into your coffee routine; it becomes the backbone of it.


 df64 front view


Best Suited Consumer

The Coffeetech DF64 is ideal for those who take their coffee seriously. Whether you're an aspiring barista or an up and coming home barista, this grinder meets the demands of consistent and high-quality grinding.

If you're someone who wants to bring the coffee shop experience into your home and enjoy professional-grade results, the DF64 is your perfect companion. It's built for those who don't compromise on the quality of their brew.


df64 chute close up 



  • High-Capacity Grinding: Ideal for frequent use and larger volumes.
  • Durable Construction: Built to last with robust materials.
  • Wide Range of Settings: Accommodates various brewing methods, espresso through to french press.
  • Consistent Grind Quality: Delivers even and reliable results with the power of 64mm flat burrs.
  • Dosing Options: Easy portafilter or dosing cup mounting system.



df64 components


Points of Differences

  • Precision vs. Volume: The Acaia Orbit shines in precision and technological integration, ideal for the detail-oriented brewer. The Coffee Tech DF64, however, is about robustness and volume, catering to those who need consistency in larger quantities.
  • Design and Technology: The Orbit is more focused on a modern, tech-savvy audience with its sleek design and app integration, while the DF64 appeals to traditionalists who prioritize functionality and durability.
  • Price Point: There is a significant difference when it comes to price points, almost $1,500 in difference with the Acaia Orbit being the more expensive.
  • Burrs: The Orbit features the option of 64mm flat Mazzer or SSP Multipurpose SSP whereas the DF64 has 64mm Diamond Like Carbon (DLC) flat burrs. The DF64 Gen 2 burrs are reminiscent of the SSP burrs, but just miss the mark. However, they have a DLC coating for extra resistance and therefore lifespan.



Specification Acaia Orbit Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2
RRP $2,599 - $2,799 $1,199
Burrs 64mm Mazzer / SSP Multipurpose 64mm DLC flat burrs
Hopper Capacity Single dose 50g
Dimensions (LxDxH cm) 10.8 x 26.6 x 39.4 25.4 x 13.2 x 30.5



The Acaia Orbit is perfect for those who see coffee brewing as a blend of art and science. It's about precision, elegance, and technology coming together to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Meanwhile, the DF64 is for the coffee enthusiast who values robustness, consistency, and professional-grade grinding. It's the ideal choice for anyone looking to replicate a coffee shop experience in their own home.

No matter which grinder you choose, both the Acaia Orbit and the Coffeetech DF64 promise an incredible brewing experience. It all boils down to what you value most in your coffee journey – precision and technology or robustness and simplicity. Happy brewing!


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