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Best Coffee Grinders For Espresso

Embark on a journey to espresso excellence with our definitive guide to the best electric grinders for home use in 2024. The secret to an extraordinary espresso extends beyond just the beans or the machine; it lies in the heart of a great grinder.

We present a curated selection of four exceptional grinders, each catering to different tastes and budgets. From the budget-friendly Baratza Encore ESP to the luxurious Acaia Orbit, our guide illuminates the path to perfecting your home espresso experience. Whether you're a budding barista or a seasoned coffee aficionado, discover a grinder that resonates with your coffee ritual and fits seamlessly into your kitchen landscape.

Our exploration begins with the accessible and efficient Baratza Encore ESP, ideal for newcomers to espresso. We then elevate the grind with the Eureka Specialita, a mid-budget marvel that balances precision with style. For those who cherish freshness in every cup, the Niche Zero offers a zero-retention, flavour-focused experience. Lastly, the Acaia Orbit represents the pinnacle of home espresso grinding, combining advanced technology with stunning design for the ultimate coffee connoisseur. Join us as we delve into the unique stories and capabilities of these grinders, each playing a pivotal role in crafting your perfect espresso shot.


Baratza Encore ESP

The Baratza Encore ESP stands out as a beacon of affordability in the espresso world. It's a grinder that doesn't just aim to fit your budget but also strives to exceed your expectations of what a budget grinder can achieve.

Crafted with precision and care, the Encore ESP is a testament to Baratza's commitment to quality and accessibility. It's designed for the coffee enthusiast who is just beginning their journey into the world of brewing at home.

With a minimalist design and user-friendly interface, this grinder is perfect for those who want quality without complexity. It's a machine that promises consistency and reliability, making it a beloved choice among home baristas.

 Baratza Encore ESP Close Up View of the Middle


  • User-friendly interface with simple operation. The only thing you need to do is load the beans into the hopper, turn the large adjustment dial and grind!
  • 40mm M2 Steel Conical Burrs to produce an excellent espresso, where conical burrs are known to brew a sweeter and dynamic brew.
  • 40 individual grind settings to grind across espresso to pour overs for versatility and ease with the stepped adjustment mechanism.
  • Espresso/Pourover with the easy to interchange 54mm dosing cup (with a 58mm adapter ring) and 140 gram catch bin.
  • Easy Maintenance with the quick release burr mechanism, spend more time brewing and less time cleaning!

 Baratza Encore ESP white Burr Chamber Close Up

Why It's Perfect for Espresso

  • The Encore ESP's consistent grind size is crucial for a balanced espresso extraction. This consistency ensures that each shot of espresso has the perfect balance of flavours.
  • The stepped adjustment mechanism makes its operation simple. This means you spend less time fiddling with settings and more time enjoying your coffee. It's designed for ease, making the journey from bean to cup both straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Durability is key in a grinder, and the Encore ESP’s robust construction means it can withstand the daily demands of espresso preparation, ensuring a long-lasting coffee companion.
  • With 40 grind settings, this grinder offers incredible versatility. Whether you're grinding for an espresso or a pour over, the ESP has a large range for you to get reasonably specific to get the most out of your beans.


baratza encore esp black facing forward and white side view

Eureka Mignon Specialita

The Eureka Mignon Specialita is not just a grinder; it's a historical statement of quality and precision in the mid-budget range. This Italian marvel combines sleek design with exceptional functionality.

Designed for the discerning espresso enthusiast, the Specialita is all about precision grinding. Its stepless micrometric adjustment system allows for unparalleled control over the grind size.

With its robust motor and silent technology, the Specialita is a grinder that respects both the coffee and your morning peace. It’s perfect for those who take their espresso seriously and seek a touch of elegance in their kitchen.

 Eureka Specialita Grinding Coffee


    • Stepless micrometric grind adjustment for precise control so you can dial in an espresso to its utmost flavour potential.
    • Silent grinding technology through Eureka's smart grinder guild for a peaceful coffee experience.
    • High-speed grind dispersion to reduce coffee retention.
    • Touchscreen interface with intuitive controls. The Eureka can grind continuously or grind through a set time for a single or double dose.
    • Sturdy construction with a sleek, modern aesthetic.
    • Large 55mm steel flat burrs that are in line with professional standard burrs for quality grinds.

     Eureka Mignon Silezio Dial Close Up

    Why It's Perfect for Espresso

    • The stepless micrometric adjustment is a game-changer for espresso lovers. It allows you to fine-tune the grind size to achieve the perfect extraction, unlocking the full potential of your coffee beans.
    • The silent grinding technology makes your morning coffee routine a serene experience, maintaining a peaceful environment in your home.
    • The high-speed grind dispersion combined with the anti-static technology minimises coffee retention, ensuring that each shot of espresso is fresh and full of flavour.
    • Its touchscreen interface is not just about looks; it's about intuitive control over your grinding process, making the journey from bean to espresso shot seamless and enjoyable.


    Click here to buy the Eureka Mignon Specialita

    Eureka Specialita Black Oblique View


    Niche Zero

    The Niche Zero, with its single-dose approach, has revolutionised the home espresso grinding game. This grinder is a testament to precision and consistency, designed for the true coffee connoisseur.

    It's all about zero waste and maximum flavour. The Niche Zero ensures that every bean counts, and every shot of espresso is as fresh as possible.

    With its unique burr design and low retention, the Niche Zero is perfect for those who love to experiment with different beans and desire a grinder that can keep up with their curiosity.

     Niche Zero White Beans Close Up


      • Close to zero retention for the freshest possible espresso.
      • Premium quality 63mm conical Mazzer burrs for consistent grinding.
      • Quiet and efficient operation.
      • Brews across the range so you can flip between espressos all the way to french press and everything in between with complete ease and precision.
      • Grinds directly into a catch cup to make your workflow easy no matter if your making a pour over or moving it directly into a portafilter.

         Niche Zero Black Beans Poured into Grinder

        Why It's Perfect for Espresso

        • Low retention means that you're always grinding fresh beans. This translates to more flavourful and aromatic espresso shots, highlighting the subtle nuances of your coffee.
        • The premium burrs provide a consistent grind size, crucial for a balanced and smooth espresso. The consistency ensures that each extraction is even, reducing bitterness and over-extraction.
        • The Niche Zero's precision is what makes it an incredibly favourable choice amongst seasoned coffee brewers despite its' hefty price tag.
        • Its quiet operation makes it a pleasure to use, especially in the early mornings or late evenings, allowing you to enjoy your espresso ritual in peace.
        • The Niche Zero’s design is not just about aesthetics; it's about functionality. Its minimalist approach means fewer parts, making it easier to clean and maintain.
        • Being easy to clean and maintain means that the Niche Zero will always be ready for your next espresso adventure, ensuring a long and reliable partnership with your espresso machine.


        Click here to buy the Niche Zero

        Niche Zero Black Oblique View


        Acaia Orbit

        The Acaia Orbit is the brain child between Acaia and Weber Workshop, creating the epitome of luxury in the world of espresso grinders. This top-tier grinder is for those who want nothing but the best in their pursuit of the perfect espresso shot.

        It combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled craftsmanship. Every aspect of the Orbit is designed to elevate your espresso experience to new heights.

        With its precision grinding, intelligent features, and stunning design, the Acaia Orbit is more than a grinder; it’s a statement piece for the ultimate home barista.

         Acaia Orbit Side Grind View


        • 64mm Flat Burrs that have the option of either SSP Multi-Purpose Burrs or Stainless Steel Mazzer Burrs. These burrs are engineered specifically for a uniform grind. Precision and consistency are the expected outcomes.
        • Stepless grind adjustment for limitless customisation and potential for any bean you purchase. Every espresso experience will become tuned to how you enjoy your flavour and texture profile.
        • App integration so you can adjust grind speed between 600 - 1500RPM and build profiles for each bean in terms of dosing for weight and/or time.
        • Single dosing specialist when it comes to reduced retention and making sure each brew is with fresh beans.
        • Integrated connection with the Acaia Lunar scale for precise bean measurement and dosing for the ultimate workflow efficiency.

         Acaia Orbit with Scale View

        Why It's Perfect for Espresso

        • The advanced grind size control allows for micro-adjustments, giving you the power to dial in your espresso to perfection. This level of control is essential for extracting the best flavors from your beans.
        • The intelligent dosing technology ensures that every shot is consistent, eliminating guesswork and providing a reliable espresso experience every time. This makes experimenting trackable and trending towards the perfect espresso a breeze!
        • The build quality and aesthetic of the Orbit are unmatched. It’s not just a tool; it's a piece of art that compliments your passion for espresso and adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen. It looks like something out of a science lab!
        • Its ultra-quiet operation enhances the espresso-making experience, making it a meditative and enjoyable part of your day.
        • The integrated scale is a game-changer, allowing for precise measurements of your beans, ensuring that each shot is balanced and full of flavour.


        Acaia Orbit Side View



        In the quest for the best electric coffee grinder for espresso in Australia, the right grinder is as crucial as the espresso machine itself. From the budget-friendly Baratza Encore ESP to the luxurious Acaia Orbit, each grinder offers unique features that cater to different needs and preferences.

        Whether you're a beginner or an experienced barista, these grinders provide the precision, consistency, and quality needed to elevate your espresso game. They represent not just tools, but companions in your journey through the rich and aromatic world of espresso.

        As you ponder which grinder is the perfect fit for your home, remember that each cup of espresso is a new adventure, a new opportunity to savor and explore. So, choose your grinder, dial in your beans, and embark on an espresso journey that promises both satisfaction and delight. Happy brewing!

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