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Ascaso Steel Duo PID vs Lelit Bianca

Ascaso Steel Duo PID vs Lelit Bianca

This article aims to provide a thorough comparison between the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 and the Lelit Bianca Coffee Machine, two leading semi-automatic espresso machines in the market.

We will explore their design, features, performance, and the type of consumer each model is best suited for. By dissecting their technical specifications, user-friendly attributes, and overall brewing capabilities, we intend to guide coffee enthusiasts in choosing the machine that best aligns with their espresso making preferences and lifestyle needs.

Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2

The Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 is a testament to the brand's commitment to quality, precision, and design. With its sleek, stainless steel body, the machine not only adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen countertop but also offers unparalleled control over the espresso brewing process, thanks to its PID temperature control system. This machine is designed to cater to those who appreciate the finer details in their espresso shots, providing both consistency and customization in every cup.

The dual thermoblock system of the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 ensures rapid heating and a seamless switch between coffee brewing and milk steaming, reducing downtime and enhancing the overall coffee-making experience. This feature, combined with the machine's precise temperature control and adjustable pressure settings, allows users to explore a vast range of coffee flavours and textures, from the classic espresso to creamy lattes and cappuccinos.

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Images of 3 Colours

Best Suited For

  • Design Aficionados: With its modern and minimalist design, the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 appeals to those who value aesthetics as much as functionality in their kitchen appliances.

  • Tech-Savvy Espresso Enthusiasts: The inclusion of PID temperature control and dual thermoblock technology caters to users who enjoy experimenting with different variables to create the perfect espresso shot.

  • Efficiency Seekers: Individuals looking for a quick yet quality espresso making process will appreciate the machine's fast heat-up time and efficient steam production.

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Oblique Under View of Portafilter in Machine

Key Features

  • PID Temperature Control: Allows for precise temperature adjustments for optimal espresso extraction.
  • Dual Thermoblock System: Ensures quick heating and seamless transition between brewing and steaming.
  • Adjustable Over-Pressure Valve (OPV): Users can fine-tune the extraction pressure.
  • Pre-Infusion Feature: Enhances flavour extraction by gently soaking the coffee grounds before extraction.
  • Programming: Programmable pre-infusion, single and double shots.
  • Versatile Steam Wand: For creating perfect milk foam for latte art.
  • Energy-Saving Mode: Reduces power consumption when the machine is not in use.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Simplifies the espresso-making process with intuitive controls.

Lelit Bianca

The Lelit Bianca is a pinnacle of espresso machine craftsmanship, designed for the coffee connoisseur who demands the ultimate control over every aspect of their espresso brewing experience. This machine stands out with its manual pressure profiling system, allowing users to adjust the water pressure during extraction, a feature that caters to those who wish to delve deep into the art and science of espresso. The Lelit Bianca's elegant wood accents and robust stainless steel body not only make it a standout piece in any kitchen but also reflect its premium quality and performance capabilities.

At the heart of the Lelit Bianca is its dual boiler system, offering unparalleled temperature stability for both brewing and steaming. This allows for simultaneous espresso extraction and milk frothing, drastically reducing preparation time without sacrificing the quality of the coffee. With the Lelit Bianca, precision meets flexibility, providing an immersive brewing experience that can be tailored to match the user's preference for every cup.

Lelit Bianca Close Up of Brewing Pressure Gauge

Best Suited For

  • Espresso Aficionados: The manual pressure profiling and dual boiler system cater to those who seek to refine their espresso brewing skills to professional levels.

  • Design and Quality Appreciators: The machine's premium build and elegant design are perfect for users who prioritize both aesthetics and functionality in their espresso machines.

  • Experimentation Lovers: Individuals who love to experiment with different brewing techniques will find the Lelit Bianca's adjustable settings and manual controls to be an open canvas for their coffee creativity.

Lelit Bianca Walnut Portafilter with spouts

Key Features

  • Manual Pressure Profiling: Offers unparalleled control over extraction pressure, enhancing flavour and body.
  • Dual Boiler System: Allows for simultaneous brewing and steaming, ensuring temperature stability.
  • Articulating No-Burn Steam WandFor cafè quality froth and convenience.
  • PID Temperature Control: For precise control over brewing and steaming temperatures.
  • Rotary Pump: Quiet and reliable, with the option to connect directly to a water line. Rotary pumps also provide a more stable and consistent flow of water.
  • Water Reservoir Position Adjustment: Can be positioned at three different sides of the machine for flexibility in kitchen placement.
  • Pre-Infusion System: Gently pre-wets the coffee grounds for a more even extraction. Furthermore, the low flow function and temperature function allows you to momentarily change the rate of flow of water saturating the puck and the temperature of that flow. This will give you an eccentuation of body and flavour.
  • Eco Mode: Reduces energy consumption when the machine is idle.

Key Differences Between the Machines

  • Pressure Profiling: The Lelit Bianca offers manual pressure profiling, a feature not present in the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2, catering to those who want to experiment with different extraction pressures.

  • CustomisabilityWhen it comes to customisation of settings of the brew, the Bianca stands slightly ahead of the Duo PID, because of its' ability to program it's flow rate, pre-infusion up to 10 seconds and  temperature. Whereas the Duo PID can program shot times and pre-infusion time up to 5 seconds.
  • Boiler System: The Lelit Bianca's dual boiler system contrasts with the Ascaso's dual thermoblock system, offering more precise temperature control for both brewing and steaming.

  • Pump: The Bianca flexes a rotary machine compared to the Ascaso's vibratory. A rotary pump provides a more stable flow of water, providing a more consistent brew.

  • Water Supply Flexibility: The Lelit Bianca can be connected directly to a water line, a feature that the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 does not offer, providing convenience and continuous water supply for heavy users.

  • User Interface: The Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 features a more modern, user-friendly interface, whereas the Lelit Bianca offers manual controls and gauges, appealing to users who prefer a hands-on brewing experience.


Steel Duo PID Bianca
RRP $3,199 $4,800
Boiler Dual Thermoblock Dual Boiler - 0.8L Brew, 1.5L Steam
Pump Vibratory Rotary
Water Reservoir (Litres) 2 2.5
Tank/Plumbed Tank Tank or Plumbed
Pump Pressure Adjustable Yes via OPV Yes via OPV
PID (Temperature Control) Yes Yes
Pre-Infusion Yes Yes
Dimensions (W x H x D cm) 27 x 36 x 31.5 29 x 39 x 58.5
Weight (kg) 15 27.2


Choosing between the Ascaso Steel Duo PID V2 and the Lelit Bianca depends largely on the user's priorities in espresso brewing. The Ascaso appeals to those who value design, efficiency, and user-friendly technology, offering a modern approach to espresso making. Meanwhile, the Lelit Bianca caters to the traditionalist and the tinkerer, providing manual controls, pressure profiling, and a dual boiler system for those who seek to perfect their craft with a hands-on approach.

Both machines are capable of producing barista-quality espresso, but they cater to different segments of the coffee-loving community. Whether you lean towards the precision and speed of the Ascaso or the customisable and immersive experience of the Lelit Bianca, both machines stand as testament to the joy and artistry of home espresso brewing. As we conclude this comparison, it becomes clear that the best choice is one that aligns with your personal coffee brewing philosophy, lifestyle, and aesthetic preference, ensuring that each cup of coffee is a reflection of your unique taste and passion.

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Where Do I Get One?

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Black with Wooden Trim Front View
Lelit Bianca Silver with Walnut Trim Front View
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