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Ascaso Steel Uno vs Ascaso Steel Uno PID Blog Image

Ascaso Steel Uno vs Ascaso Steel Uno PID

Navigating the nuanced world of home espresso machines, our exploration zeroes in on two distinguished models from Ascaso: the Steel Uno and its technologically enhanced sibling, the Steel Uno PID. This article aims to dissect and compare these machines, each embodying the spirit of innovation and quality craftsmanship that Ascaso is celebrated for.

We embark on this comparison by introducing each model, delving into their design ethos, functionality, and the unique espresso experience they offer. Subsequent sections will illuminate the type of consumer each machine resonates with, underpinned by a detailed examination of 8 key features and how they translate into benefits for the user.

As we navigate through these insights, we will also spotlight 5 principal differences between these semi-automatic marvels, culminating in a comprehensive conclusion that synthesises our findings. Our journey is designed to be a guiding light for espresso aficionados and novices alike, aiding in the selection of a machine that not only meets their brewing preferences but also elevates their daily coffee ritual.

Ascaso Steel Uno

The Ascaso Steel Uno stands as a testament to classic espresso machine design, marrying robust functionality with a sleek, stainless steel aesthetic. At its core, the Steel Uno is built for the purist, offering a straightforward yet profoundly satisfying brewing experience. This machine doesn't just make espresso; it invites users into the ritual of coffee making, from the tactile pleasure of grinding beans to the art of milk steaming.

Equipped with a powerful steam wand and a precise temperature gauge, the Steel Uno caters to those who appreciate the nuances of espresso preparation. Its simple interface belies the sophistication within, capable of producing café-quality espresso and steamed milk that could rival any professional barista’s creation. This machine is a bridge between tradition and modernity, designed for the espresso enthusiast who finds joy in the hands-on approach to coffee brewing.

Suited Consumer Profile

  • The Traditional Espresso Lover: Ideal for those who cherish the ritual of espresso making, the Steel Uno appeals to users who prefer a more hands-on approach to their coffee. Its manual operation and classic features cater to those who see coffee brewing not just as a morning routine but as an art form to be perfected over time.

  • The Design-Conscious Home Barista: With its sleek stainless steel body, the Steel Uno is as much a kitchen showpiece as it is a functional espresso machine. It's perfect for users who value aesthetics alongside performance, adding a touch of elegance to any countertop.

  • The Quality Seeker on a Budget: For those looking to enter the world of premium home espresso without breaking the bank, the Steel Uno offers a perfect balance. It provides the essential features needed to craft excellent espresso and steamed milk, without the added cost of advanced technological add-ons.

Features and Benefits

  • Single Boiler System: Offers the simplicity and reliability needed for straightforward espresso brewing and milk steaming, making it suitable for those looking to master the basics of espresso without the complexity of dual boiler systems.

  • Powerful Steam Wand: Enables users to create rich, creamy microfoam perfect for latte art. This feature is especially beneficial for milk-based espresso drink lovers, offering barista-level performance at home.

  • Simple User Interface: The straightforward controls make it easy for beginners to use while still offering the precision experienced baristas demand. This balance between simplicity and functionality makes the machine accessible to all levels of coffee enthusiasts.

  • Brew Pressure Gauge: Allows users to monitor the brew pressure profile closely, ensuring the espresso is brewed at the optimal pressure for maximum flavour extraction—a must-have for those keen on crafting the perfect shot.

  • Stainless Steel Construction: Not only does it provide a robust and durable machine, but the stainless steel finish also offers a sleek, modern look that complements any kitchen décor, appealing to users who value both form and function.

  • Compact Size: The Steel Uno’s compact footprint makes it an ideal choice for users with limited kitchen space. Despite its small size, it doesn’t compromise on the quality of the espresso, proving that good things come in small packages.

  • 3-Way Solenoid Valve: Reduces pressure off the coffee puck after extraction, making cleanup easier and ensuring a dry puck. This feature is particularly beneficial for users looking for convenience and speed in their brewing routine.

Ascaso Steel Uno PID

The Ascaso Steel Uno PID represents the pinnacle of precision and control in home espresso preparation. Building on the solid foundation of the Steel Uno, the PID version introduces a layer of technological sophistication with its Programmable Temperature Control. This feature allows for minute adjustments to the brewing temperature, catering to the needs of specialty coffee aficionados who understand that the secret to a sublime espresso lies in the details.

Beyond its advanced temperature control, the Steel Uno PID maintains the sleek design and high-quality construction of its predecessor. It enhances the brewing experience by offering more consistent results and the ability to fine-tune the extraction to suit various coffee beans and roast profiles. This machine is a harmonious blend of traditional espresso machine aesthetics and modern, user-friendly technology, designed for those who seek perfection in their cup.

Suited Consumer Profile

  • The Specialty Coffee Aficionado: For those who delight in the subtleties of different coffee origins and roasts, the Steel Uno PID offers the precise temperature control needed to unlock the full potential of specialty beans, making it an ideal choice for serious coffee lovers.

  • The Tech-Savvy Barista: Users who enjoy the intersection of technology and coffee will find the PID feature appealing. It provides a level of control and consistency that aligns with the desires of those who are passionate about the science behind the perfect espresso shot.

  • The Busy Professional Seeking Convenience: The added PID functionality offers a more streamlined and consistent espresso-making process, ideal for individuals who appreciate the nuances of a great espresso but need the efficiency and predictability that technology brings to their busy mornings.

Features and Benefits

  • PID Temperature Control: Delivers precise control over brewing temperature, allowing users to dial in the exact temperature needed for different types of coffee beans. This precision ensures that each cup of espresso is brewed to its full potential, highlighting the unique characteristics of the coffee.

  • Adjustable Pre-infusion: Enables users to wet the coffee grounds up to 5 seconds before full extraction, enhancing the espresso's flavour by allowing for a more even and full extraction. This feature is perfect for aficionados seeking to experiment with and refine their brewing techniques.

  • Digital Display: Provides real-time feedback on the machine's temperature and allows for easy adjustments, making the espresso-making process more intuitive and less prone to error. It's an invaluable tool for users who prioritise precision and consistency. It also doubles up as a shot timer.

  • Programmable Dosing: Allows for the automation of espresso shot volumes, ensuring consistency in every cup. This feature is especially beneficial for users who entertain often or desire a consistent morning routine without the variability of manual operation.

Key Differences Between the Ascaso Steel Uno and Steel Uno PID

  • Temperature Control: The most significant difference lies in the PID temperature control offered by the Steel Uno PID, providing a level of precision and consistency in brewing temperature that the standard Steel Uno cannot match.

  • Digital Display and Programmability: The Steel Uno PID features a digital display and programmable settings, including pre-infusion and dosing, enhancing the user's ability to fine-tune their espresso experience, a functionality absent in the standard model.

  • Milk Steaming Capability: While both models boast powerful steam wands, the PID version offers enhanced control over steaming temperature, ensuring perfect microfoam every time.

  • Digital Display: The Uno PID has a digital display that shows the temperature of the brew, but also doubles as a shot timer for improved workflow and efficiency.


Ascaso Steel Uno Ascaso Steel Uno PID
RRP $2,200 $2,700
Boiler Single Thermoblock Single Thermoblock
Pump Vibratory Vibratory
Water Reservoir (Litres) 2 2
Tank/Plumbed Tank Tank
Pump Pressure 20 20
Pump Pressure Adjustable Yes Yes
PID (Temperature) No Yes
Pre-Infusion No Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm
Dimensions (W x H x D cm) 27 x 36 x 31.5 27 x 36 x 31.5
Weight (kg) 12 12


The Ascaso Steel Uno and Steel Uno PID stand as monuments to the art and science of espresso, each catering to distinct audiences within the coffee community. The Steel Uno, with its classic approach and robust features, is perfectly suited for traditionalists and those beginning their journey into the world of espresso. In contrast, the Steel Uno PID is a technophile's dream, offering precision, programmability, and consistency that meet the demands of the most discerning coffee aficionados.

Choosing between these two models boils down to personal preferences, the desire for control versus simplicity, and the value placed on technology in enhancing the brewing experience. Regardless of the choice, both machines affirm Ascaso's commitment to quality, design, and the coffee lover's quest for the perfect cup.

In the end, whether you lean towards the straightforward charm of the Steel Uno or the technological prowess of the Steel Uno PID, both machines promise to enrich your coffee ritual, bringing café-quality espresso into the comfort of your home. It's not just about making coffee; it's about embracing a lifestyle that celebrates every nuanced sip.

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