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Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose vs Niche Duo Blog Image

Eureka Oro vs Niche Duo

The pursuit of the perfect cup of coffee often leads enthusiasts to the critical decision of choosing the right coffee grinder. This 2000-word article presents a comprehensive comparison between the Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose Coffee Grinder and the Niche Duo Coffee Grinder. We aim to dissect their features, design, and usability, alongside identifying which consumer each grinder is best suited for. This detailed comparison will cover eight key features of each product, identify five distinct differences between them, and conclude with an insightful analysis to assist coffee lovers in making an informed choice for their brewing journey.

Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose

The Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose Coffee Grinder emerges as a pinnacle of Italian engineering, perfect for coffee connoisseurs who value precision, freshness, and design. Its single dose grinding capability ensures maximum flavour, while its sophisticated design and advanced features make it a joy to use. The Oro is not just a grinder; it’s an experience, enhancing the ritual of coffee brewing and appealing to those who view their coffee preparation as an art form.

Eureka Oro Single Dose Black Top View of Catch Cup

Best Suited Consumer

The Detail-Oriented Brewer

For those who meticulously fine-tune their brewing parameters, the Oro's precision grinding offers the control needed for crafting the perfect cup.

Design Enthusiasts

Its elegant design makes it a stunning addition to any kitchen, appealing to those who value both function and form in their appliances.

Freshness Prioritisers

Coffee lovers who prioritise the freshness of their beans will appreciate the single dose grinding capability, which ensures a fresh grind for every brew.

Eureka Mingon Oro Single Dose Coffee in Coffee Catch Close Up


  • 65mm Flat Burrs: consistent and uniform grinds, emphasised by the patented diamond technology that increases the durability and precision.
  • Single Dose Grinding: Maximises freshness and flavour in each cup.
  • Stepless Micrometric Adjustment: Provides infinite control over grind size.
  • Silent Grinding Technology: Ensures a quiet operation, enhancing the brewing experience.
  • Catch Cup: grinds directly into a catch cup and has a slot for a portafilter fork to be inserted.
  • Low Retention Design: Reduces waste and ensures consistency in every dose.
  • Anti-Static System: Minimises mess and static buildup during grinding.

Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Coffee Grinder Lid Close Up

Points of Differences

  • Burr Set: 65mm flat burrs vs the 83mm flat burrs on the Duo.
  • Grind Variety: The Oro is made to grind across the range, whereas the Duo has the option of either an espresso burr set that can also grind for filter or a filter brew that only specialises in filter and does NOT grind for espresso.


    Niche Duo

    The Niche Duo Coffee Grinder is a formidable choice for those who seek versatility and innovation in their coffee grinding process. Its ability to provide consistent grinds across a variety of brewing methods makes it a valuable tool for any coffee enthusiast’s arsenal. The Duo’s modern design, coupled with its user-friendly features, ensures that it not only performs exceptionally but also enhances the overall coffee brewing experience.

    The Niche Duo provides the user with two different burr sets, one that is purely for filter and one that is more versatile that can brew for both espresso and filter - but is more inclined towards espresso.

    Niche Duo Black Dial Close Up

    Best Suited Consumer

    The Versatile Coffee Lover

    Ideal for those who love experimenting with different brewing methods, the Duo’s range of grind settings makes it adaptable for espresso, drip, French press, and more.

    Quality and Consistency Seekers

    Those who prioritise a consistent grind for optimal flavour extraction across different brewing methods will find the Duo to be a reliable ally in their coffee journey.

    Niche Duo White Dialing


    • Broad Grind Range: Capable of grinding for various brewing methods with consistency - allows the user to decide between two different burr sets provided.
    • Low Retention Design: Ensures fresh grinds and minimal waste.
    • Easy-to-Use Interface: Simplifies the grinding process for all users.
    • Durable Build: Crafted to withstand regular use and maintain performance.
    • Quiet Grinding Operation: Offers a peaceful brewing experience.
    • Compact and Stylish Design: Fits well in any kitchen, blending functionality and aesthetics.
    • Precision Grinding Technology: Delivers uniform grind sizes for optimal extraction.
    • Energy Efficient: Designed to be sustainable and cost-effective in operation.

    Niche Duo White Oblique View

    Points of Differences

    • Versatility in Grinding: Emphasises adaptability to various brewing methods - provides two different burr sets. One specifically for filter brew and one that is more catered towards espresso, but can also brew for filter.
    • Modern Design Approach: Has a more curvature design.
    • Larger Burr Set: 83mm Mazzer flat burr compared to Oro's 65mm flat burrs.
    • Price Point: Set a significantly higher price point.


    Oro Duo
    RRP $1,299 $2,219
    Burrs 65mm flat Diamond 83mm flat Mazzer
    Hopper Capacity 45g 50g
    Grind adjustment Stepless Stepless
    Dimensions (L x W x H cm) 26 x 12.8 x 32.1 23 x 13.5 x 35.5
    Weight 7.2kg 5kg



    The choice between the Eureka Mignon Oro Single Dose and the Niche Duo Coffee Grinder reflects a coffee enthusiast’s personal brewing style and preferences. The Eureka Mignon Oro, with its focus on single dose precision and elegant Italian design, is ideal for those who cherish the freshness of each cup and have a keen eye for style. Conversely, the Niche Duo, with its versatile grinding options and modern, user-friendly design, caters to a broader audience, especially those who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods.

    Both grinders are exemplary in their performance, offering unique features that cater to different aspects of the coffee grinding experience. Whether your priority lies in single-dose freshness and luxury design, or in versatility and modern innovation, either grinder will elevate your coffee experience. Ultimately, the decision lies in aligning the grinder’s capabilities with your personal coffee journey, ensuring each cup brewed is a testament to your love for coffee.


    Where Do I Get One?

    Eureka Oro Mignon Single Dose Coffee Grinder Black Oblique View
    Niche Duo White Front View
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