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Mazzer Mini A vs Mazzer Super Jolly Blog Image

Mazzer Mini vs Super Jolly

In the quest for the perfect cup of coffee, the choice of grinder is as crucial as the choice of coffee beans. This article aims to provide an in-depth comparison between two popular models from the esteemed Mazzer range: the Super Jolly and the Mini A.

Renowned for their quality and precision, these grinders cater to different segments of the coffee aficionado spectrum. We will delve into their features, assessing who they're best suited for, highlight the unique attributes of each, and pinpoint their differences. By the end of this article, readers should have a clear understanding of which grinder aligns best with their coffee brewing needs and preferences.

Mazzer Super Jolly

The Mazzer Super Jolly stands as a testament to Mazzer's commitment to professional-grade coffee grinding. Originally designed for commercial use, it has found a beloved place in the hearts of serious home baristas.

Mazzer Super Jolly Close Up


  • Large Hopper Capacity: With a generous 1.2 kilogram bean capacity, it's ideal for heavy usage without constant refilling.

  • 64mm Flat Steel Burrs: These ensure consistent grind size, crucial for espresso quality.

  • Stepless Micrometrical Grinding Adjustment: Allows for infinite control over grind settings.

  • Durable Construction: Built with heavy-duty materials, it's a long-term investment.

  • Manual Dosing: Offers full control over the amount of coffee ground.

  • Fast Grinding Speed: 1400 - 1600 RPM for an efficient grind for busy settings.

  • Easy to Clean: Essential for maintaining coffee quality.

  • Classic Design: Adds a professional touch to any kitchen or café setting.

Mazzer Super Jolly Back View

Best Suited For

  • The Super Jolly, with its robust build and high capacity, is ideal for small coffee shops or busy households where coffee is in constant demand.

  • Professional baristas will appreciate the precision and control it offers, making it a staple in espresso bars.

  • Home users seeking a "café at home" experience will find it a worthy addition, despite its larger footprint.

Differences from Mazzer Mini A

  • Size: It's larger and more suited for commercial settings.

  • Capacity: The Super Jolly can handle higher volumes.

  • Power: Slight power difference with 350W, compared to the 250W on the Mini A.


Mazzer Mini A

The Mazzer Mini A is a more compact version of its bigger siblings, designed for the home barista. It balances professional features with a size suitable for kitchen counters.

Mazzer Mini A Close Up of Panel


  • 64mm Flat Steel Burrs: Consistent grind for optimal espresso extraction.

  • Electronic Dosing: Allows for precise, repeatable timed doses. Single, double and continuous dosing available.

  • Stepless Micrometrical Grinding Adjustment: Infinite control over grind settings.

  • Quiet Operation: Less intrusive in a home setting.

  • Digital Display: Shot timer.

  • Durable Build: Shares the robust construction of its larger counterparts.

  • 600 Gram Hopper: Perfect for those who don't want to interchange beans regularly.

Mazzer Mini A in White Oblique Back View

Best Suited For

  • The Mini A is perfect for home baristas who value space-saving without compromising on professional-grade grinding.

  • It's ideal for those who prefer convenience, thanks to its electronic dosing and user-friendly features.

  • Coffee enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different beans will appreciate the precise control it offers.

Differences from Mazzer Super Jolly

  • Size: More compact, making it more suitable for home use.

  • Capacity: Designed for lower volume, aligning with typical home usage.


The Mazzer Super Jolly and Mini A are both exceptional in their own right, each catering to different needs. The Super Jolly's larger capacity and bigger footprint appeal to professional baristas and home baristas that have higher coffee demands. On the other hand, the Mini A is an excellent choice for home baristas seeking professional-grade grinding in a compact, user-friendly package.

Both grinders are built with Mazzer's renowned quality and precision, ensuring that whichever you choose, your coffee grinding experience will be nothing short of extraordinary. As you ponder your choice, consider not just the technical specifications, but how the grinder will fit into your daily coffee ritual. Whether you're gearing up for a busy day at the café or savouring a quiet morning at home, Mazzer has a grinder tailored to your needs.

Where Do I Get One?

Mazzer Mini Jolly
Mazzer Mini A in Black Oblique View

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