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La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione vs Ascaso Steel Duo PID Blog Image

La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione vs Ascaso Steel Duo PID

In the realm of high-end semi-automatic espresso machines, discerning coffee aficionados are often faced with the challenge of choosing the right machine that not only matches their brewing skills but also fits their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. This article aims to compare two illustrious contenders in this category: the La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione and the Ascaso Steel Duo PID.

By examining each machine's introduction, who they're best suited for, and key features, followed by a head-to-head comparison of their distinctive attributes, this analysis seeks to provide a comprehensive insight into which machine might be the right pick for your espresso journey. In addition, this piece will highlight five main differences between these two espresso powerhouses, ultimately guiding you towards making an informed decision. Engaging and packed with essential details, this comparison will traverse the realms of functionality, design, and performance, ensuring you know exactly what each machine can bring to your coffee-making ritual.

La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione

The La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione stands as a testament to Italian espresso machine craftsmanship, blending traditional aesthetics with modern functionality. With its gleaming stainless steel body and meticulous attention to detail, this machine is not just an appliance but a centerpiece of any kitchen it graces. Equipped with advanced features that cater to both novices and seasoned baristas, the Cellini Evoluzione promises a hands-on brewing experience that’s as rewarding as the espresso it produces.

La Pavoni Cellini Evolution Coffee Machine Parts View

Best Suited For

  • The La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione is an ideal match for the coffee enthusiast who cherishes the ritual of espresso making. Its manual control over the brewing process allows users to fine-tune their espresso shots to perfection, offering a sense of accomplishment with each cup.
  • This machine is well-suited for those who appreciate the beauty of Italian design. Its classic lines and high-quality construction make it a statement piece in any setting.
  • The Cellini Evoluzione is perfect for the experimenter. With its temperature stability and pressure profiling capabilities, it invites users to explore the vast world of espresso flavours, making every brewing session an adventure.
La Pavoni Cellini Evolution Coffee Machine Top View


  • E61 Group Head: This iconic group head design is revered for its superior thermal stability, ensuring that water remains at the optimal temperature throughout the extraction process. This stability is crucial for pulling consistently delicious espresso shots, as even minor temperature fluctuations can significantly impact the taste of your coffee.
  • Rotary Pump with External Pressure Adjustment: A rotary pump is quieter and more robust than its vibratory counterparts, offering a smoother experience. The external pressure adjustment feature allows users to fine-tune the extraction pressure, a critical aspect of customising your espresso’s strength and flavour profile. This level of control is particularly beneficial for coffee aficionados looking to experiment with different beans and grind sizes.
  • Heat Exchanger System: The single boiler heat exchanger system allows for brewing and steaming. This means you can pull shots and froth milk simultaneously, without waiting for the machine to catch up. This is a game-changer for efficiency, especially when making multiple drinks or hosting guests. It ensures that the espresso's temperature is precise and the steam for milk is powerful and consistent.
  • Plumbed Water Connection Option: The ability to connect the machine directly to a water line offers unparalleled convenience, eliminating the need to refill the water tank manually. This feature is particularly beneficial for heavy users or small offices, ensuring that the machine is always ready for the next brew.
  • Large Water Reservoir: For those not using a plumbed connection, a large water reservoir minimises the frequency of refills, enhancing convenience, especially during busy mornings or when entertaining guests. It’s a quality-of-life feature that keeps the focus on brewing and enjoying coffee.
  • Stainless Steel Construction: Beyond its sleek and elegant appearance, stainless steel offers durability and ease of cleaning. This material choice ensures that the machine not only looks professional but can also withstand the rigours of daily use, maintaining its aesthetic and functional integrity over time.
  • Quiet Operation: The use of a rotary pump significantly reduces the operational noise of the machine, making it ideal for home or office environments where noise can be a concern. This feature ensures that the process of brewing coffee is as pleasant and unobtrusive as possible.
La Pavoni Cellini Evolution Coffee Machine Back View

Ascaso Steel Duo PID

The Ascaso Steel Duo PID is a marvel of Spanish engineering, offering precision and versatility in a sleek, contemporary design. This machine is built for the espresso enthusiast who values the ability to control every aspect of the brewing process, from grind size to water temperature. With its PID temperature control and a thermoblock system, the Steel Duo PID promises a barista-level experience, whether you're crafting a robust espresso or a silky latte.

Ascaso Steel Duo PID Oblique Under View of Portafilter in Machine

Best Suited For

  • The Ascaso Steel Duo PID appeals to the tech-savvy coffee lover. Its digital temperature control and programmable pre-infusion settings make it a dream for those who love tweaking and fine-tuning their espresso parameters.
  • This machine is ideal for those with limited kitchen space. Its compact design does not sacrifice functionality for form, fitting neatly into any corner of the kitchen.
  • The Steel Duo PID is perfect for the multitasker. With its rapid heat-up time and efficient steam production, it allows for quick and easy preparation of multiple beverages in succession.
Ascaso Steel Duo PID Images of 3 Colours


  • PID Temperature Control: The PID in the Ascaso Steel Duo PID allows for precise temperature control. This is critical for achieving consistent and delicious espresso shots, as the extraction temperature can dramatically influence the flavours extracted from the coffee grounds. The PID ensures that the user can replicate their perfect shot every time, regardless of external factors.
  • Programmable Pre-infusion: This feature gently wets the coffee grounds before full pressure is applied, allowing for a more even extraction. It's particularly beneficial for bringing out the nuanced flavours in specialty coffees, offering a richer and more complex espresso shot. Programmable pre-infusion means users can tailor this phase to suit the coffee they are using, enhancing the versatility and appeal of the machine.
  • Thermoblock System: The thermoblock system ensures that water is heated rapidly and accurately to the desired temperature for both brewing and steaming. This results in a quick turnaround between pulling shots and steaming milk, ideal for serving multiple beverages in quick succession. It’s a feature that emphasises convenience without compromising on the quality of the coffee.
  • Digital Display: Offering real-time feedback, the digital display informs the user about the current temperature and extraction time, among other things. This feature is invaluable for users looking to perfect their espresso technique, as it provides immediate, precise information that can be used to adjust the brewing process in real time.
  • Adjustable OPV (Over Pressure Valve): The adjustable OPV allows the user to set the maximum pressure during extraction, preventing over-extraction and ensuring a balanced shot. This customisation option is excellent for coffee enthusiasts who like to experiment with different coffee beans and grind sizes, as it offers another level of control over the final taste of the espresso.
  • Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the Ascaso Steel Duo PID makes it an excellent choice for users with limited counter space. Despite its small footprint, it packs a punch in terms of functionality, ensuring that users don’t have to compromise on the quality of their coffee, even in tight spaces.
  • Durable Construction: High-quality materials ensure that the machine is not only visually appealing but also capable of withstanding daily use. Durability translates to longevity and reliability, ensuring that the machine remains a central part of the user's coffee ritual for years to come.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive interface simplifies the process of making espresso, making the machine accessible to beginners without sacrificing the depth of control that experienced users demand. This balance between simplicity and functionality makes the Ascaso Steel Duo PID an appealing choice for a wide range of coffee enthusiasts.
Ascaso Steel Duo PID Digital Display View

Key Differences

  • Design Philosophy: The La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione embraces classic Italian aesthetics, while the Ascaso Steel Duo PID sports a modern, minimalistic look.
  • Brewing Technology: The Cellini Evoluzione relies on a traditional E61 group head and heat exchanger boiler system, whereas the Steel Duo PID uses a cutting-edge thermoblock system.
  • Temperature Control: The Ascaso alone, provides PID temperature control, and includes programmable pre-infusion, offering more precise control over the brewing process.
  • Usability: The Cellini Evoluzione caters to those who enjoy a more hands-on approach to espresso making, while the Steel Duo PID is designed for ease of use with its digital display and user-friendly interface.
  • Space and Aesthetics: The Cellini Evoluzione requires more counter space and is visually imposing, making a strong style statement. In contrast, the Steel Duo PID is compact and fits seamlessly into modern kitchen designs.


La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione Ascaso Steel Duo PID v2
RRP $3,490 $3,199
Boiler Single Boiler 1.8L Heat Exchanger Dual Thermoblock
Pump Rotary Vibratory
Water Reservoir (Litres) 2.9L 2L
Tank/Plumbed Both Tanked
Pump Pressure Adjustable Yes Yes
PID (Temperature Control) Yes No
Pre-Infuision Yes - Mechanical Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm
Dimensions (W x H x D cm) 30 x 41 x 43 27 x 36 x 31.5
Weight (kg) 25 12


Choosing between the La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione and the Ascaso Steel Duo PID ultimately comes down to personal preference and specific needs in an espresso machine. The Cellini Evoluzione is a masterpiece of Italian design, offering unparalleled control and the satisfaction of a hands-on brewing experience. It's a machine that demands attention, not just for its performance but as a work of art in your kitchen. On the other hand, the Ascaso Steel Duo PID represents the pinnacle of modern espresso machine engineering, with its precise temperature control, compact design, and ease of use making it a formidable contender for those who value efficiency and modernity.

Both machines bring something unique to the table, and either would be a worthy addition to the home of a serious espresso enthusiast. Whether you're drawn to the traditional craftsmanship and manual control of the La Pavoni Cellini Evoluzione or the sleek, feature-rich design of the Ascaso Steel Duo PID, you're guaranteed to elevate your coffee experience. Remember, the best espresso machine is the one that fits your lifestyle, preferences, and, of course, your taste in coffee.

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Where Do I Get One?

La Pavoni Cellini Evolution Coffee Machine Front View
Ascaso Steel Duo PID Black with Wooden Trim Front View
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