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La Pavoni Cilindro vs Eureka Mignon Blog Image

La Pavoni Cilindro vs Eureka Mignon


In the world of coffee enthusiasts, the grinder is as crucial as the beans themselves. This article aims to meticulously compare two prominent grinders: the La Pavoni Cilindro and the Eureka Specialita.

We'll explore each grinder's unique features, who they're best suited for, key differences, and provide a comprehensive conclusion. By addressing aspects like design, usability, grind consistency, and price, this article seeks to guide both novice and experienced coffee aficionados in making an informed choice.

La Pavoni Cilindro

The La Pavoni Cilindro is a testament to Italian craftsmanship in the world of coffee grinding. With its robust design and precision engineering, it promises to deliver a consistent grind every time.

It's best suited for those who appreciate fine craftsmanship, seek precision in their grind, and are willing to invest in a durable, high-quality electric coffee grinder. While its price point might be higher, the value it offers in terms of consistency, durability, and design makes it a worthy contender in the premium grinder market. 

La Pavoni Cilindro Grinder Portafilter view

Best Suited Consumers

  • For the Design-Conscious: The Cilindro's elegant design makes it ideal for those who value aesthetics as much as functionality in their kitchen appliances.
  • Home Baristas Seeking Precision: Its fine-tuning capabilities make it perfect for home baristas who are particular about their grind consistency.
  • Durability Seekers: The robust build guarantees longevity, appealing to those who view their coffee grinder as a long-term investment.

 La Pavoni Cilindro LCD Screen Close Up view



  • Stainless Steel Construction: Ensures durability and adds a touch of elegance.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: Allows for precise control over the grind size.
  • 500gram Capacity Hopper: Can hold a significant amount of beans, reducing the need for frequent refills.
  • Quiet Operation: Its design minimises noise, making it a kitchen-friendly appliance.
  • 50mm Flat Burrs: for consistent and powerful grinding.
  • Consistent Grind Quality: Delivers uniform grind for optimal extraction.
  • Speed Control: Allows for adjusting the grinding speed to suit different beans.
  • Digital LCD Touch Screen: Timed or continuous dosing.

La Pavoni Cilindro Portafilter Holder View

Points of Differences

  • Design and Build: Encompasses a curved design compared to the boxier look of the Specialita
  • Burrs: 50mm flat burrs compared to the 55 flat burrs on the Specialita.


Eureka Mignon Specialita

The Eureka Mignon Specialita, hailing from another renowned Italian brand, strikes a balance between innovation and tradition. This grinder is known for its precision and user-friendly features, catering to a wide range of coffee brewing methods.

The Eureka Specialita stands out as a grinder that marries technology with tradition. Its appeal lies in its ability to offer premium grinding features at a similar price point, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of coffee enthusiasts. From its silent operation to its precise digital controls, it addresses the needs of modern-day coffee brewing with an Italian touch. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned barista, the Specialita offers a blend of quality, versatility, and innovation that can elevate any coffee experience.

Eureka Specialita Grinding Coffee

Best Suited Consumer

  • Versatile Brewers: Its ability to cater to a wide range of grind sizes makes it perfect for enthusiasts who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods.
  • Quality Seekers on a Budget: Offering high-quality grinding at a more accessible price point, it's ideal for those who seek premium features without breaking the bank.

Eureka Mignon Silenzio Half Shot From Behind 


  • Touch Screen LCD: Allows for precise timing of grinding sessions.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: Ensures precise control over grind size.
  • Silent Technology: Reduces noise significantly, making it a quiet companion in the kitchen.
  • 55mm Flat Burrs: for an impressively powerful grind.
  • Anti-Clumping System: Ensures a clump-free grind for a better coffee extraction.
  • Espresso to French Press Grind Capability: Versatile for various brewing methods.
  • Easy Maintenance: Simple to clean and maintain.
  • 300 gram Hopper

 Eureka Mignon Silezio Dial Close Up

Points of Differences

  • Burrs: 55mm flat burrs compared to the 50mm flat burrs on the Cilindro.
  • Price Point: Slightly more inexpensive compared to the Cilindro.
  • Noise Reduction: Focuses on quieter operation, ideal for household environments.



Cilindro Specialita
Hopper Capacity 500g 300g
Burrs 50mm Flat 55mm Flat
Adjustment Stepless Stepless
Dimensions (H x W x D cm) 23 x 41 x 15.4 35 x 12 x 18
Weight 5.3kg 5.6kg



When choosing between the La Pavoni Cilindro and the Eureka Specialita, consumers are faced with two high-quality options, each with its unique strengths. The Cilindro excels in design, build quality, and precision, making it a great choice for those who have a different taste in aesthetics. On the other hand, the Specialita stands out for its value for money, catering to a broader range of coffee enthusiasts.

Both grinders reflect the excellence of Italian engineering and are capable of transforming your coffee ritual into an art form. Ultimately, the choice depends on personal preferences, budget, and specific coffee needs. Either way, these grinders are sure to enrich your coffee experience with every grind.


Where Can I Get One?

Click here to buy the La Pavoni Cilindro

La Pavoni Cilindro Front View


Click here to buy the Eureka Mignon Specialita

Eureka Mignon Specialita Electric Coffee Grinder Matte Black Oblique View

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