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Eureka Specialita vs Coffee Tech DF64 Blog Image

Eureka Specialita vs DF64

In the quest for the perfect cup of coffee, the grinder plays a pivotal role. This article aims to compare two popular contenders in the coffee grinding arena: the Eureka Mignon Specialita and the Coffee Tech DF64.

We’ll explore each grinder’s features, their suitability for different types of coffee lovers, and their unique selling points. Whether you're a home barista enthusiast or a coffee connoisseur, this article will grind down the facts, helping you decide which grinder can best elevate your coffee experience.


Eureka Mignon Specialita

The Eureka Mignon Specialita isn't just a coffee grinder; it's a beacon of Italian engineering and design. Known for its precision and elegance, it has become a coveted item among coffee veterans. But what exactly makes it stand out?

With the long history of the Eureka brand, the Specialita is more than just a pretty face. It's a testament to Eureka's commitment to quality and innovation in coffee grinding.

 Eureka Mignon Specialita Black Top View

Best Suited Consumer

For the Discerning Coffee Lover

The Specialita is ideal for those who appreciate the finer details in their coffee grind, seeking precision in every cup.

The Home Barista

Perfect for those who want a professional-grade grind at home, pushing their coffee experience to a new level.

The Efficient Grinder

Equipped with a large hopper capacity and a portafilter holder, the Eureka Specialita will improve workflow efficiency for those rushed mornings! 

 Eureka Mignon Silezio Dial Close Up


  • Precision Grinding: Fine-tune your grind with stepless micrometric adjustment.
  • Silent Technology: Enjoy quieter grinding, a boon in any home environment.
  • Touchscreen Interface: Modern and easy-to-use for a seamless grinding experience.
  • High-Quality Burrs: 55mm flat burrs ensures consistent grind and long-term durability.

Eureka Specialita Grinding Coffee 

Differences from Coffee Tech DF64

  • Design Aesthetics: More classic and sophisticated in appearance.
  • Quiet: Eureka took extra steps into creating a quieter grind.
  • User Interface: Features a more advanced and interactive touchscreen.
  • Hopper Capacity: By having a hopper, you'll be able to make sure you don't have to continually load it up for the next brew.
  • Timed Dosing: You have the opportunity to be able to grind by time for single or double shots.


Coffee Tech DF64 Second Generation

The Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 is a rising star in the coffee world. Known for its robust build and consistent grind quality, it's gaining popularity among coffee enthusiasts. Let’s find out why.

Standing out with its straightforward design and efficient grinding, the DF64 promises a no-nonsense approach to coffee grinding. It's all about getting the job done effectively.

 Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 Black Catcher Close Up

Best Suited Consumer

The Practical Coffee Enthusiast

The CT DF64 Ideal for those who prioritise function and reliability in their coffee grinding.

The Experimental Brewer

Great for coffee lovers who enjoy experimenting with different brewing methods, thanks to its versatile grind settings.

The Minimalist

If you prefer a grinder that blends in rather than stands out, the DF64’s simple design is a perfect match.

 Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 black components break up view


  • Consistent Grind Quality: Delivers uniform grinds for optimal coffee extraction.
  • Wide Range of Adjustments: Cater to various brewing methods with ease.
  • Robust Build: Durable and designed to withstand frequent use.
  • Simple Operation: Straightforward and user-friendly, great for all users.
  • Minimal Retention: Ensures fresher coffee with every grind.

Coffee Tech DF64 Dial Close Up 

Differences from Eureka Mignon Specialita

  • Design Philosophy: More utilitarian and less focused on aesthetics.
  • Adjustment Mechanism: Offers a different approach to grind size adjustments.
  • Price Point: Typically comes in at a different price range, reflecting its features and build quality.
  • Burrs: 64mm flat burrs compared to the Specialita's 55mm flat burrs.
  • Single Doser: Made as a single doser that reduces retention via the bellows.
  • Catch Cup: Grinds directly into a catch up OR can grind straight into the portafilter. This lets you play with your workflow as you see fit.



Specifications Specialita DF64
RRP $999 $1,199
Burrs 55mm flat burrs 64mm flat burrs
Hopper 300g 50g
Dimensions (L x W x H cm) 12 x 18 x 35 25.4 x 13.2 x 30.5
Weight 5.6kg 6.9kg



Choosing between the Eureka Mignon Specialita and the Coffee Tech DF64 depends on what you value most in your coffee routine. The Specialita offers elegance and precision, perfect for the detail-oriented coffee lover. In contrast, the DF64 is about robustness and practicality, suited for those who favor function and versatility.

Consider how each grinder aligns with your coffee habits and preferences. Whether it's the quiet operation and sleek design of the Specialita or the straightforward efficiency of the DF64, your choice should complement your coffee journey.

Regardless of your choice, investing in a quality grinder is key to elevating your coffee experience. Both the Specialita and the DF64 offer unique paths to achieving a perfect grind, ensuring that every brew is a step towards coffee perfection.


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Where Do I Get One?

Eureka Specialita Black Oblique View
Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 Black Gen 2
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