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Rocket Appartamento vs La Marzocco Linea Micra Blog Image

Rocket Appartamento vs La Marzocco Linea Micra

The espresso machine market offers a plethora of options for the home barista, each with its unique features and benefits. This article aims to compare and contrast two notable contenders: the Rocket Appartamento and the La Marzocco Linea Micra.

By delving into their design, functionality, and the specific consumer each model appeals to, we intend to provide a comprehensive guide that aids enthusiasts in selecting the machine that best fits their espresso-making needs and preferences. From the compact elegance of the Rocket Appartamento to the professional-grade capabilities of the La Marzocco Linea Micra, this comparison seeks to illuminate the path for those on a quest to elevate their home coffee experience.

Rocket Appartamento

The Rocket Appartamento represents Italian craftsmanship at its finest, offering a blend of aesthetic appeal and espresso-making prowess in a compact form factor. It's designed for those who cherish the espresso ritual, providing the tactile satisfaction of manual brewing alongside modern conveniences. With its signature circular side panel design, the Appartamento not only performs impressively but also serves as a statement piece in any kitchen.

Despite its smaller footprint, the Appartamento boasts features like a heat exchange boiler and the E61 group head, ensuring that it doesn't compromise on the quality of espresso and milk-based drinks it produces. This machine is a testament to Rocket's commitment to quality, functionality, and design, making it a beloved choice among home espresso enthusiasts worldwide.

Rocket Appartamento Obliqe View with Coffee

Ideal Consumer for Rocket Appartamento

  • Urban Espresso Lovers: Its compact size makes it perfect for city dwellers or those with limited kitchen space, offering high-quality espresso without dominating the countertop.
  • Design-Conscious Consumers: The Appartamento appeals to individuals who value aesthetics as much as performance, blending seamlessly into stylish kitchen environments.
  • Manual Espresso Enthusiasts: Ideal for those who enjoy the hands-on approach to espresso making, preferring to have direct control over every step of the brewing process.

Rocket Appartamento Half Close up with Coffee

Features of Rocket Appartamento

  • Compact Design: The Appartamento's compact design is a boon for espresso enthusiasts with limited kitchen space, allowing for a high-end espresso setup without the need for a large footprint. This design choice makes premium espresso accessible in even the coziest urban apartments, ensuring you don't have to compromise on quality for the sake of space.

  • Heat Exchange Boiler: With its heat exchange boiler, the Appartamento allows you to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously, greatly enhancing the efficiency of your coffee-making process. This is particularly valuable for those who enjoy making back-to-back milk-based espresso drinks, as it eliminates the waiting time between brewing and steaming.

  • E61 Group Head: The E61 group head in the Appartamento ensures excellent thermal stability, crucial for the consistent extraction of espresso. This stability allows for a richer, more flavorful espresso shot, enhancing the overall coffee experience and ensuring that every cup meets the high standards of espresso aficionados.

  • No Burn Steam Wand: Featuring a steam wand that stays cooler to the touch, this design minimizes the risk of burns and makes cleaning easier, encouraging users to perfect their milk texturing skills. This feature is especially beneficial for those new to making milk-based drinks, providing a safer and more user-friendly steaming experience.

  • Pressure Gauge: The inclusion of a pressure gauge on the Appartamento provides real-time feedback on boiler pressure, allowing users to make precise adjustments for optimal espresso extraction. This feature is invaluable for refining your brewing process, offering a level of control that elevates the home coffee experience.

  • Large Water Reservoir: A generously sized water reservoir reduces the frequency of refills, adding convenience to the machine's daily operation. This feature is particularly useful for heavy coffee drinkers or when entertaining guests, ensuring that you can focus on crafting delicious espresso drinks without constant interruptions.

  • Vibratory Pump: The Appartamento's vibratory pump strikes a balance between providing sufficient pressure for optimal extraction and maintaining a quieter operation, suitable for home environments. This allows for the preparation of exceptional espresso without the disruptive noise associated with more powerful pumps.

  • Distinctive Styling: The unique circular side panel design of the Appartamento not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also distinguishes it within the Rocket lineup. This distinctive styling appeals to design-conscious consumers seeking a machine that performs exceptionally while also enhancing the visual appeal of their kitchen space.

Rocket Appartamento Manometer Close Up

La Marzocco Linea Micra

The La Marzocco Linea Micra brings the legendary quality and performance of La Marzocco's commercial machines into the home. It's a compact machine that doesn't compromise on functionality, offering advanced features like dual boilers and PID temperature control, tailored for the home barista who demands precision and versatility. With its professional-grade components and iconic design, the Linea Micra is an investment in a superior home espresso experience.

Designed to cater to both novice and experienced baristas, the Linea Micra simplifies the art of espresso with intuitive controls and customizable settings. Its robust construction and attention to detail reflect La Marzocco's commitment to excellence, making it a worthy centerpiece of any coffee lover's kitchen.

La Marzocco Linea Micra Front View

Ideal Consumer for La Marzocco Linea Micra

  • Aspiring Professional Baristas: For those looking to replicate café-quality espresso at home, the Linea Micra offers the tools and precision required for advanced coffee making.
  • Technology Enthusiasts: With its PID temperature control and dual boilers, the Linea Micra is suited for users who appreciate the integration of technology in enhancing their brewing experience.
  • Frequent Entertainers: Its capacity to handle high volumes makes it ideal for those who often entertain guests or have a high daily coffee consumption.

La Marzocco Linea Micra Back Oblique View

Features of La Marzocco Linea Micra

  • Dual Boilers: The Linea Micra's dual boiler system ensures that you can brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously with unparalleled temperature stability and control. This feature benefits serious home baristas by enabling the preparation of complex coffee drinks with cafe-quality precision, enhancing both efficiency and quality.

  • PID Temperature Control: Precision in brewing temperature is key for extracting the full flavour profile of coffee beans. The PID temperature control on the Linea Micra allows for fine-tuning of the brewing temperature, enabling users to experiment with a wide range of coffees and brewing styles. This feature is crucial for those who wish to explore the depths of espresso flavours and achieve consistent results.

  • Integrated Brew Group: An integrated brew group aids in maintaining temperature stability and reducing the machine's overall size. This benefits users by ensuring that the espresso is brewed at a consistent temperature, leading to better flavour extraction, while also keeping the machine compact enough for home use.

  • Pro Touch Steam Wand: The Pro Touch steam wand is designed to stay cooler to the touch, reducing the risk of burns and allowing for longer, more comfortable steaming sessions. This feature is particularly advantageous for those perfecting their latte art or frequently making milk-based espresso drinks, providing both safety and comfort.

  • Water Reservoir Indicator: The water reservoir indicator alerts users when water levels are low, preventing potential damage to the machine due to running dry. This feature adds a level of convenience and safety, ensuring the longevity of the machine and peace of mind for the user.

  • Eco Mode: By reducing energy consumption when the machine is not actively in use, the Eco Mode feature on the Linea Micra benefits environmentally conscious users and those looking to save on energy costs, without compromising the machine's readiness for use.

Differences Between the Machines

  • Boiler Configuration: The dual boiler system of the Linea Micra offers more precise temperature control compared to the heat exchange system of the Appartamento.
  • Technology Integration: The Linea Micra features advanced technological integrations like PID temperature control, which are not present in the Appartamento.
  • Size and Capacity: While both are designed for home use, the Linea Micra offers a larger capacity suitable for entertaining or high-volume brewing.
  • Price Point: Reflecting its advanced features and professional-grade components, the Linea Micra is positioned at a higher price point than the Appartamento.
  • Target Audience: The Appartamento is suited for those who prefer a more hands-on, tactile brewing experience, while the Linea Micra caters to users seeking precision, versatility, and technology in their espresso making.


Rocket Appartamento La Marzocco Linea Micra
RRP $5,999
Boiler 1.8L Heat Exchanger Dual Boiler
Pump Vibratory Rotary
Water Reservoir (Litres) 2 2
Tank/Plumbed Tank Tank
Pump Pressure Adjustable No Yes
PID (Temperature Control) No Yes - brew and steam
Pre-infusion No Yes
Portafilter Size 58mm 58mm
Dimensions (W x H x D cm) 27.4 x 36 x 42.5 29 x 34 x 39
Weight (kg) 20 19


Choosing between the Rocket Appartamento and the La Marzocco Linea Micra ultimately comes down to personal preference, lifestyle, and specific needs in a home espresso machine. The Appartamento is perfect for those who value compact design, manual control, and aesthetic appeal, offering a straightforward yet satisfying espresso-making experience. On the other hand, the Linea Micra is tailored for enthusiasts who demand the utmost in precision, performance, and technological integration, willing to invest in a machine that brings the café experience into their home.

Both machines stand as testaments to their manufacturers' commitment to quality and excellence in espresso making. Whether you lean towards the classic charm and simplicity of the Rocket Appartamento or the advanced capabilities and professional-grade performance of the La Marzocco Linea Micra, your choice will elevate your home coffee experience to new heights.

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