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Rocket Appartamento vs TCA

In the realm of premium espresso machines, discerning coffee enthusiasts are often faced with the challenging decision of selecting a machine that not only meets their brewing preferences but also complements their lifestyle and kitchen aesthetics. This comprehensive comparison between the Rocket Appartamento and the Appartamento TCA aims to shed light on the nuances that set these brothers apart.

By delving into an introduction of each machine, analysing the type of consumer each is best suited for, and meticulously examining key features, this article endeavours to equip readers with the knowledge to make an informed decision. Furthermore, it will highlight five distinct differences between these semi-automatic marvels, culminating in a detailed conclusion that synthesises the insights garnered throughout the comparison. Engaging and informative, this piece promises to be an indispensable guide for anyone navigating the intricate world of high-end espresso machines.

Rocket Appartamento

The Rocket Appartamento is a testament to Italian craftsmanship, designed for those who covet the ritual of espresso making without compromising on space. Its compact footprint belies the robust engineering and meticulous attention to detail that Rocket is renowned for, making it an ideal choice for urban dwellers with limited kitchen real estate. The machine's striking aesthetics, characterised by its circular side panel design, not only make a statement but also hint at the sophistication that lies within.

At its heart, the Appartamento employs a heat exchange boiler, allowing users to brew espresso and steam milk simultaneously—a feature that aficionados will appreciate for its time-saving efficiency. Its lever-operated, semi-automatic mechanism offers a hands-on brewing experience, inviting users to refine their barista skills while crafting cafe-quality beverages in the comfort of their home.

Rocket Appartamento Obliqe View with Coffee

Consumer Suitability

  • Urban Dwellers: The Rocket Appartamento's compact size makes it perfectly suited for apartment living, where kitchen space is at a premium. Its stylish design ensures it blends seamlessly into modern kitchen aesthetics, making it as much a showpiece as it is a functional appliance.
  • Espresso Enthusiasts: For those who relish the tactile pleasure of manual brewing, the Appartamento offers the control and hands-on experience that can transform the daily coffee ritual into a craft. Its capabilities cater to experienced baristas and novices alike, who seek to hone their skills.
  • Design Aficionados: Beyond its brewing capabilities, the Appartamento appeals to individuals who value aesthetics. Its unique design, coupled with Rocket's reputation for quality, makes it an attractive addition to any kitchen, appealing to those who do not wish to compromise on style or function.

Rocket Appartamento Manometer Close Up

Key Features

  • Compact Design: Ideal for small spaces, ensuring premium espresso is always within reach, without sacrificing precious counter space.
  • Heat Exchange Boiler: Offers the ability to brew and steam simultaneously, cutting down on preparation time and allowing for quicker, more efficient coffee making.
  • E61 Group Head: This classic feature ensures temperature stability and even water distribution, critical for extracting the perfect espresso shot.
  • No Burn Steam Wand: A safety feature that also ensures milk steaming is more manageable and cleaner, enhancing the user experience.
  • Pressure Gauge: Allows users to monitor the boiler pressure, giving insights into the machine's operation and helping in achieving consistent results.
  • Water Reservoir: With a generous capacity, it minimises the need for frequent refills, making it more convenient for daily use.
  • Vibratory Pump: Efficient and reliable, providing the optimal pressure for espresso extraction without overwhelming noise.
  • Stylish Aesthetics: The unique circular design not only serves as a conversation starter but also elevates the overall look of any kitchen setting.

Rocket Appartamento Steam Wand Close Up

Rocket Appartamento TCA

The Rocket Appartamento Temperature Control Adjustment (TCA) is the newest model of the Appartamento at this time (2024). It takes the concept of precision in espresso making to new heights within the Rocket range. Designed for the connoisseur, it embodies the pinnacle of espresso engineering, offering unparalleled control over a number of aspects of the brewing process. Its standout feature, the TCA, allows users to manipulate the pump pressure directly by using the external switches.

Beyond its technical prowess, the TCA boasts a refined aesthetic that commands attention. Crafted from Rocket's mantra of keeping the design timeless, it features a professional-grade construction. The TCA still upholds its' famous circular cut out designs on the side of the machine.


Consumer Suitability

  • Home Baristas: With its advanced features and customisable settings, the TCA is tailored for those who view coffee making as a precise art. It's perfect for enthusiasts looking to experiment with different brewing variables to achieve their ideal espresso shot.
  • Aesthetic Connoisseurs: The TCA's elegant design, highlighted by its circular cut-outs and  meticulous construction, makes it a statement piece in any kitchen. It appeals to those who seek appliances that reflect their taste for luxury and attention to detail.

Rocket Appartamento TCA Close up of Hot Water Outle 

Key Features

  • Heat Exchange Boiler: Just like its' predecessor, the TCA offers the ability to brew and steam at the time same time.
  • ECO Mode: You can leave this machine on with its' automatic standby function to conserve energy.
  • E61 Group Head: This legendary feature ensures temperature stability and even water distribution. This is essential in pulling the most delicious espressos.
  • No Burn Steam Wand: A safety feature that also ensures milk steaming is more manageable and cleaner, enhancing the user experience.
  • Pressure Gauge: Allows users to monitor the boiler pressure, giving insights into the machine's operation and helping in achieving creating the same results day-in-day-out.
  • Water Reservoir: With a generous 2.5L capacity, it minimises the need for numerous refills.
  • Vibratory Pump: Efficient and reliable, providing the optimal pressure for espresso extraction without overwhelming noise.
  • Temperature Control Adjustment (TCA): You can make adjustment's to the temperature via the boiler pressure. Its' adjusted by the activation lever. The boiler pressure adjustment is 0.9 - 1.2 bar with 4 0.1 bar increments.


    Rocket Appartamento TCA Close Up of Top Half 

    Differences Between Rocket Appartamento and Rocket Appartamento TCA

      • Design and Aesthetics: The Appartamento is known for its compact, stylish design with circular motifs. The TCA features the debossed treatment with copper, white or black inserts for the stainless-steel panels.
      • Temperature Control: Whilst keeping the timeless design you can change the boiler pressure and therefore temperature using the clever mechanism engineered for simplicity.
      • Power Saving: The TCA has the ECO mode available to conserve energy after 30 minutes of inactivity.
      • Water SensorTo ensure you're never struggling mid-shot, the TCA will let you know with a low water sensor.

      Rocket Appartamento TCA Back Oblique View


      Rocket Appartamento Rocket Appartamento TCA
      RRP $3,499 $3,749
      Boiler 1.8L Heat Exchanger 1.8L Heat Exchanger
      Pump Vibratory Vibratory
      Water Reservoir (Litres) 2 2.5
      Tank/Plumbed Tank Tank
      Pump Pressure Adjustable No Yes
      PID (Temperature Control) No No
      Pre-Infusion Yes - Mechanical Yes - Mechanical
      Portafilter Sizer 58mm 58mm
      Dimensions (W x H x D cm) 27.4 x 36 x 42.5 27 x 35.8 x 44.8
      Weight (kg) 20 22


      The choice between the Rocket Appartamento and Rocket Appartamento TCA hinges on a blend of practical considerations, aesthetic preferences, and the depth of engagement one desires in their espresso-making journey. The Appartamento, with its compact design and user-friendly features, caters to those seeking quality espresso in a stylish, space-efficient package. In contrast, the TCA invites enthusiasts to explore the art of espresso with advanced controls and customisation options, appealing to those who consider coffee making an extension of their culinary creativity.

      Ultimately, both machines stand as testaments to Italian craftsmanship, offering distinct paths to achieving café-quality espresso at home. This comparison has illuminated the unique qualities of each, providing a foundation upon which coffee lovers can base their decision, ensuring their chosen machine enriches their coffee experience and lifestyle.

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      Where Can I Get One?

      Rocket Appartamento Front View
      Rocket Appartamento TCA Front View
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