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Varia vs3 gen 2 vs coffee tech df64 gen 2 blog image

Varia VS3 vs DF64

Varia VS3 Generation 2

Enter the world of the Varia VS3 Generation 2, where every coffee grind is like a well-orchestrated symphony. This single dose electric coffee grinder isn't just a kitchen appliance; it's a statement of style and a testament to the art of coffee making. With its sleek design and innovative features, the Varia VS3 doesn't just grind coffee; it transforms it into an experience. Its conical burrs, adjustable settings, and user-friendly interface make it a standout in the realm of coffee grinding.


Varia Vs3 Gen 2 Black Close Up Oblique View


The Varia VS3 is more than just its looks. It's a perfect blend of craftsmanship and technology, designed to cater to the nuanced needs of coffee lovers. Whether it's a fine grind for your espresso or a coarser one for your pour over, the VS3 ensures that you get the perfect texture every time. The attention to detail in its design and functionality makes it not just a tool, but a companion for your coffee journey.

  Varia VS3 gen 2 white oblique close up view



  • 48mm Conical Burr Grinder: Ensures a consistent and even grind, preserving the flavour and aroma of the coffee beans.
  • Stepless Adjustment Grind: Offers an incredibly simple stepless grind diversity for various brewing methods, from espresso to french press.
  • Compact and Elegant Design: This is probably the main reason you're reading this right now. It's an eye catcher from anywhere in the room!
  • Quiet Operation: Ideal for household use without disturbing the peace.


 Varia Vs3 Gen 2 Black Burr View


Best Suited Consumer

The second generation Varia VS3 is ideal for the home barista who plan on grinding across the grind range. It’s perfect for those who enjoy experimenting with different grind sizes and brewing methods. If your morning coffee routine is your meditation, the Varia VS3 Gen 2 is your zen master.

Not only does the Varia VS3 appeal to those who value the quality of their grind, but it also speaks to those who appreciate aesthetics. This grinder is for the individual who wants their kitchen to look as good as their coffee tastes. If you're someone who believes that the tools of coffee making should be as artful as the brew, the Varia VS3 is for you.


Coffee Tech DF64

The Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2, on the other hand, is a powerhouse of a grinder. Built for single dosing performance and precision, this grinder is for those who take their coffee seriously. It's robust, efficient, and comes with a range of features that make it a favourite among professional baristas and coffee aficionados alike. With its flat burrs and wide range of settings, the DF64 promises a consistent and perfect grind every time.


 Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 black components break up view


The Coffeetech DF64 isn’t just about power; it’s about delivering a professional-grade grinding experience. Its sturdy build and advanced features cater to those who see coffee brewing not just as a hobby, but as a craft. This grinder is for those who are looking for a commercial-quality grind in the comfort of their home.


Best Suited Consumer

The CT DF64 is designed for the serious coffee aficionado. It’s for those who value consistency in their grind and expect a professional touch in their brewing. If coffee is not just a beverage but a passion for you, the DF64 will match your fervor.

This grinder is also perfect for aspiring baristas and those who want to bring a piece of the café experience into their homes. If you're someone who's looking to elevate your coffee game to a professional level, the Coffee Tech DF64 is your ideal partner.


 Coffee Tech DF64 Gen 2 Black Catcher Close Up



  • 64mm Flat Burr Grinder: Delivers uniform particle size for a balanced and consistent brew.
  • Wide Range of Grind Settings: Catering to all brewing methods, ensuring professional-grade results.
  • Durable Construction: Built like a tank to withstand heavy use and last for years.
  • Professional-Level Components: Offers a coffee shop experience at home.


Points of Differences

While both the Varia VS3 and the Coffee Tech DF64 are exceptional grinders, they cater to different needs and preferences.

  • The second generation of the VS3 features a conical burr, whereas the CT DF64 comes with heavy duty flat burrs. It's said that conical burrs produce a more sweeter and flavourful cup, whereas flat burrs provide a more balanced and uniform cup.
  • Visually the VS3 is built to look sleek, whereas the DF64 looks like it was built purely for function.
  • Power Differential: The second generation DF64 is a powerhouse when it comes to grinding beans, whereas the VS3 Gen 2 has a smaller motor unit that comes with a longer grind time. However, they both produce delicious results.


Specifications Battle

Specifications Varia VS3 Gen 2 CT DF64 Gen 2
Hopper Capacity 30g 50g
Grind Adjustment Stepless Stepless
Burrs 48mm 64mm
Burr Type Conical Flat
Dimensions (HxWxL cm) 31 x 90 x 14.7 25.4 x 13.2 x 30.5
Weight 3.2kg 6.9kg
Power 100W 250W



The Varia VS3 is the perfect choice for the home barista who values both the journey and the destination in their coffee experience. It combines style, functionality, and precision, making it an ideal companion for your daily grind.

On the other hand, the Coffeetech DF64 is a dream come true for the serious coffee enthusiast or aspiring professional. With its robust build and consistent grind quality, it brings the coffee shop experience right into your kitchen.

No matter which grinder you choose, remember that the best cup of coffee is the one that suits your taste and lifestyle. Whether you're crafting a morning ritual with the Varia VS3 or pursuing coffee perfection with the Coffeetech DF64, the journey towards the ultimate cup is always worth the grind.


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Where Do I Get One?


varia vs3 gen 2 oblique view
coffee tech df64 gen 2 front view
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