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Fellow Ode vs Ode 2 Blog Image

Fellow Ode vs Ode 2

In the world of coffee grinding, the evolution from one generation to the next can significantly enhance the coffee brewing experience. This article offers a comprehensive comparison between the Fellow Ode Brew Generation 1 and Generation 2 coffee grinders.

We'll explore each grinder's features and key differences to help readers discern which model aligns best with their coffee journey. Whether you're a seasoned barista or a homebrew enthusiast, understanding these differences between the first and second generation for your needs.


Fellow Ode Brew Generation 1

The Fellow Ode Brew Generation 1 hit the market as a game-changer, redefining expectations for filter brew grinding. With its robust design and focused on grinding for pour overs, it quickly became a favourite among coffee enthusiasts. The Gen 1 grinder is not just about grinding beans; it's about starting a ritual that leads to the perfect cup of coffee. Its sturdy build and efficient grinding mechanism have set a high standard in the home coffee grinding scene.

This grinder was designed with the home barista in mind, prioritizing ease of use and consistency in grind quality. The Gen 1 marks the beginning of Fellow's journey in revolutionising home coffee grinding, blending aesthetic appeal with practical functionality. Its simplicity in design hides the complexity of its engineering, aimed at delivering a consistent grind every time.

 Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Beans Being Poured In


  • Consistent Grinding: Delivers uniform grind sizes for optimal coffee extraction.
  • Convenience: Auto-stop for improved efficiency and workflow.
  • Retention: Chamber knocker to reduce retention.
  • Magnetic Catch: No need to spend time aligning the catch underneath the chute, the magnet will get it to the right spot each and every time!
  • Noise Reduction: Designed to operate more quietly than typical grinders.


Differences from Gen 2

  • Flavour Profile: High clarity and high acidity according to the Fellow website compared to a more balanced profile, sweetness and body on the Ode 2.
  • Price Point: Typically more affordable than the Gen 2, appealing to budget-conscious consumers.

 Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Dial Adjustment

Fellow Ode Brew Generation 2

The Fellow Ode Brew Generation 2 is the evolutionary successor to the Gen 1, building upon its predecessor's strong foundation with enhanced features and improved functionality. This grinder represents a step up for the home barista, catering to a more discerning audience with its advanced grinding capabilities. The Gen 2 takes the home coffee grinding experience to new heights, offering precision and versatility that were previously only found in commercial-grade grinders.

With the Gen 2, Fellow demonstrates a keen understanding of the evolving needs of coffee enthusiasts. It incorporates feedback from users of the Gen 1, leading to improvements in grind consistency and improved grind range with the new improved burrs. This grinder is not just about making improvements; it's about setting a new standard in home coffee grinding, making the process more intuitive, enjoyable, and rewarding.


When it comes to the overall features and design between the Ode's, it's more or less the same from a macro view. The differences in features are much more subtle and nuanced, as discussed below in the differences to the Gen 1.

     Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Knocker Use

    Differences from Gen 1

    • Burrs: This is where most of the research and development was conducted by the Fellow team. The Ode Gen 2 64mm flat burrs are still stainless steel, but now show off a two-stage grinding geometry design. What does this mean for your taste buds? Increase extraction from light roast pour-overs and drip brews. This will provide a more balanced flavour, improved body and sweetness with moderate clarity for complexity.
    • Grind Capabilities: Able to grind finer, 250 microns and up compared to the first Ode's starting 550 microns.
    • Anti-static Technology: Unlike its predecessor, the Ode 2 features anti-static technology, reducing retention.
    • Warranty: 2 year warranty and 3 years with product registration, compared to the first generations 1 year and 2 year with registration.
    • More!: Increased catch capacity to 100 grams for a bigger caffeine dose when you need it.



    Specifications Ode 1 Ode 2
    RRP $599 $699
    Burrs 64mm Flat 64mm Flat (two stage geometry)
    Grind 550 microns+ 250-300 microns+
    Anti-Static No Yes
    Catch Capacity 80g 100g
    Grind Settings 31 31
    Auto Stop Yes Yes
    Knocker Yes Yes
    Burr Speed 1400 RPM 1400RPM
    Dimensions Same Same
    Weight Same Same



    Choosing between the Fellow Ode Brew Generation 1 and Generation 2 grinders boils down to your price point and what you want from a brew. The Gen 1 is a solid starting point, offering reliability and simplicity for those new to coffee grinding or who prefer a minimalist approach. It’s a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality. On the other hand, the Gen 2 is for the coffee aficionado who really wants that little bit more in every aspect of convenience and flavour.It’s an investment in your coffee experience, offering enhancements that cater to the nuanced needs of serious coffee lovers.

    Both grinders embody Fellow's commitment to quality and innovation, making either a worthy addition to your coffee routine. Whether you choose the foundational excellence of the Gen 1 or the advanced prowess of the Gen 2, you're on the right path to brewing perfection.


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    Where Can I Get One?

    Fellow Ode Brew Gen 1 Electric Coffee Grinder Black Oblique View
    Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Matte White Accessories View


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