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Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 vs Niche Zero blog Image

Fellow Ode vs Niche Zero

In the realm of coffee aficionados, the debate between the best coffee grinders is as heated as a freshly brewed espresso. This article aims to compare two titans in the coffee grinder market: the Fellow Ode Brew Generation 2 and the Niche Zero.

We'll explore each grinder in detail, focusing on their suitability for different types of consumers, key features, points of difference, and wrap up with a comprehensive conclusion. Our goal is to provide an insightful and entertaining guide to help you decide which grinder might be the best fit for your coffee ritual.


Fellow Ode Brew Generation 2

The Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 stands as a testament to modern design and efficiency in the coffee grinding world, and more specifically within the filter brew community. Its sleek aesthetics are matched by its precision-engineered functionality, making it a standout choice for home baristas who appreciate both form and function.

Not just a pretty face, the Ode Brew second gen is loaded with features that promise a superior grind for your daily cup. It boasts professional-grade 64mm flat burrs, a smart speed PID motor, and a magnetically aligned catch for a mess-free experience.

Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Matte Black Accessories Oblique View  

Best Suited Consumer

Ideal for the design-conscious coffee enthusiast, the Ode Brew Gen 2 is perfect for those who seek a grinder that complements their modern kitchen. Its compact size and quiet operation make it an excellent choice for small, urban living spaces.

This grinder is particularly suited for individuals who value precision and consistency in their grind. With its range of settings, it caters to lovers of pour-over, French press, and everything in between, but it’s not the best for espresso enthusiasts.

For the eco-conscious, the Ode Brew Gen 2’s energy-efficient motor and durable build mean a smaller carbon footprint and less waste, aligning with a sustainable lifestyle.

 Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Matte Black Top View


  • 64mm Professional Flat Burrs: Offers a consistent grind size for optimal extraction.
  • Smart Speed PID Motor: Maintains the ideal burr speed, resulting in less heat, noise and most importantly, an even particle consistency.
  • Magnetic Alignment: Ensures a mess-free transfer of grounds.
  • Auto-Stop Function: Detects when the last bean is ground, adding convenience.
  • Retention: Reduces retention through an easy-to-operate knocker.

Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Matte White with Burrs Front View 

Points of Differences

  • Grind Settings: More focused on drip and immersion brewing methods, not ideal for espresso.
  • Noise Level: Quieter operation compared to many other grinders.
  • Design: Modern and compact, prioritising aesthetics along with functionality.
  • Flat vs Conical: Harnesses the pulverising power of a flat burrs.


Niche Zero

The Niche Zero grinder has become a cult favourite among coffee connoisseurs. Known for its near-zero retention and exceptional grind quality, it's a powerhouse hidden within a minimalistic and elegant design.

Emphasising on precision, the Niche Zero uses conical burrs and offers stepless grind adjustment. This allows for an infinite number of settings, making it a versatile choice for all brewing methods, including espresso.

Niche Zero White Beans being poured in 

Best Suited Consumer

This grinder is a dream for the experimental brewer. Its stepless adjustment makes it ideal for those who love to tweak and fine-tune their grind to perfection, whether for espresso, pour-over, or cold brew.

The Niche Zero is also a fantastic option for small coffee shops or home baristas who demand commercial-grade quality. Its robust build and consistency make it suitable for heavy use.

For those with a keen eye on reducing waste, the near-zero retention feature ensures that every bean counts, making it a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Niche Zero White Beans Close Up 


  • Conical Burrs: Provides a consistent grind and enhances flavour extraction with its' large 63mm conical Mazzer burr set.
  • Stepless Grind Adjustment: Offers unlimited control over grind size for all brewing methods.
  • Near-Zero Retention: Minimizes waste and maximizes freshness.
  • Quiet Operation: Less disruptive in a home or small shop environment.
  • Elegant Design: Combines functionality with a sleek, minimalistic look.

 Niche Zero Black Beans Poured into Grinder

Points of Differences

  • Grind Adjustment: Offers more versatility across the brew range, being able to grind from french press to espresso.
  • Burr Type: Uses conical burrs, differing in grind profile and flavour extraction.
  • Retention Rate: Significantly lower retention rate, offering fresher coffee.
  • Stepless: You'll be able to get more specific and personal with each bean.



Specifications Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Niche Zero
RRP $699 $1,589
Burr 64mm stainless steel flat 63mm conical Mazzer
Hopper Capacity 80g 50g
Grind Adjustment 31 stepped stepless
Dimensions (W x L x H cm) 10.5 x 23.9 x 24.8 12 x 21 x 31
Weight 4.6kg 4kg



Choosing between the Fellow Ode Brew Generation 2 and the Niche Zero ultimately comes down to personal preferences and brewing habits. The Ode Brew Gen 2 shines in its design, user-friendliness, and specific grind settings, making it a fantastic choice for most brewing methods, except for espresso.

On the other hand, the Niche Zero offers unparalleled versatility with its stepless adjustment and near-zero retention, catering to a wider range of brewing methods, including espresso. It stands out as a more professional-grade option for those who are serious about their coffee craft.

Both grinders have set high standards in the coffee world, each excelling in different areas. Whether you prioritise design, ease of use, versatility, or grind consistency, your choice will significantly impact the quality and enjoyment of your daily cup. Happy grinding!


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Where Can I Get One?

Fellow Ode Brew Gen 2 Electric Coffee Grinder Matte Black Front View
Niche Zero Black Oblique View
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