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La Pavoni Europiccola vs Flair 58 Espresso Maker

La Pavoni Europiccola vs Flair 58 Espresso Maker

La Pavoni Europiccola

Behold the classic, the iconic La Pavoni Europiccola, a manual espresso machine that’s been a symbol of elegance and craftsmanship since its inception. Revered for its timeless design and hand-operated lever mechanism, the Europiccola is a favourite among espresso connoisseurs who appreciate the artistry behind brewing the perfect shot.

If the look wasn't impressive enough for you, perhaps the history of the La Pavoni line may blow you mind. La Pavoni was founded by Desiderio Pavoni in 1905, inventing the first ever espresso machine that he called the Ideale. A far cry from what it is today, the genetics of the Europiccola run deep within the espresso culture.

Best Suited Consumer

The La Pavoni Europiccola caters to espresso enthusiasts who relish the hands-on brewing process and appreciate vintage aesthetics. It's perfect for users who cherish the ritualistic aspect of making espresso, valuing craftsmanship and the ability to fine-tune every element of the extraction process.

La Pavoni Europiccola being used


Flair 58 Espresso Maker

Enter the Flair 58 Espresso Maker, a modern take on manual espresso machines. With its sleek, portable design and innovative lever system, the Flair 58 aims to revolutionize the manual brewing experience. Designed for home baristas seeking precision and control, it promises café-quality shots without the need for electricity.


Best Suited Consumer

The Flair 58 Espresso Maker is tailored for modern espresso lovers looking for precision and consistency in their shots. Its portable design and straightforward operation make it an excellent choice for users who prioritise convenience without compromising on quality.

The Flair team have tailored this product in such a way where it includes everything you would ever need to pull the most flavourful, rich and bold shot of coffee. The coffee icon, James Hoffmann, himself featured this product on his Youtube and provided a stellar review.


Specifications Battle

The La Pavoni Europiccola boasts a chrome-plated brass construction, a 38 oz boiler capacity, and a lever-operated extraction system. It features a 51mm portafilter and an internal powered heating, so you won't need to worry about needing any other equipment or objects when pulling your shot. Furthermore, the La Pavoni includes a milk steaming wand for those who still enjoy a latte or cappuccino.

Conversely, the Flair 58 Espresso Maker is constructed with stainless steel with wood trimming, offering durability and a modern aesthetic. It comprises a 58mm portafilter, a pre-heated brew head, and a pressure gauge for consistent and controlled extraction.

Staying true to the modern take on the manual lever press, Flair have included an especially made tamp, puck screen and a pressure gauge.

Although it doesn't require power to be used, the Flair 58 will require hot water to be poured into the chamber. Flair have the option of the 58x model that heats up the water when connected to a power point.


Points of Differences

  • Design and Construction: The La Pavoni Europiccola flaunts a classic, vintage-inspired design with its chrome-plated brass body, radiating elegance and timeless appeal. In contrast, the Flair 58 boasts a contemporary stainless steel construction, emphasizing portability and modern aesthetics.
  • Portafilter Size and Design: While both machines utilize lever-operated systems, the La Pavoni Europiccola employs a 51mm portafilter, whereas the Flair 58 boasts a larger 58mm portafilter. The more universal 58mm portaftiler allows for more accessory options such as puck screens, wdt attachments, dosing ring and compatibility with grinders.
  • Accessories: As mentioned, the Europiccola comes with a steam wand so you can really cater to everyone's coffee preferences. To make up for that, the 58 comes with everything one would need to pull and admire an espresso.


La Pavoni Europiccola

The Europiccola’s lever action, reminiscent of old-world charm, involves a learning curve. Users need to master the balance between pressure and timing for the perfect shot. The manual control over the extraction process appeals to those who relish the artistry behind brewing espresso. It's an experience that's both meditative and rewarding, albeit requiring practice and patience. La Pavoni offer an addition pressure gauge if you wish to improve the userability.


Flair 58 Espresso Maker

On the other hand, the Flair 58 offers a more straightforward user experience. Its modern design and intuitive operation make it beginner-friendly. The included pressure gauge contribute to consistency in extraction, providing users with a more uniform and predictable brewing process. This simplicity doesn't sacrifice quality, making it a convenient choice for those who seek great espresso without the learning curve of traditional lever machines.




La Pavoni Europiccola

User Review - "Using the Europiccola feels like an art. It takes some practice, but once you get the hang of it, the espresso it produces is unmatched. The lever action and control over the extraction process make it a joy to use."

Professional Review - "The Europiccola remains a timeless classic, appealing to enthusiasts who appreciate the craftsmanship and ritualistic nature of manual espresso machines. Its build quality and lever-operated system offer a unique brewing experience."


Flair 58 Espresso Maker

User Review - "The Flair 58 is a game-changer. Its simplicity and ability to consistently produce excellent shots make it a must-have for anyone serious about manual espresso brewing. Plus, its portability is a huge plus."

Professional Review - "The Flair 58 combines modern design with manual brewing, delivering exceptional espresso quality. Its portafilter size and consistent extraction make it a top choice for those seeking convenience without compromising on taste."


In this clash of titans, both the La Pavoni Europiccola and the Flair 58 Espresso Maker shine in their unique ways. Whether it's the classic elegance and craftsmanship of the Europiccola or the modern, portable precision of the Flair 58, these manual espresso machines cater to different preferences while ensuring an exceptional brewing experience. So, which side of the manual espresso battle are you on?

The Europiccola carries the legacy of artisanal espresso brewing, demanding dedication and finesse from its users. It's for those who savour the process as much as the final shot, finding joy in mastering the nuances of espresso extraction.

Meanwhile, the Flair 58 represents a new era in manual espresso brewing, offering efficiency and consistency without compromising on quality. Its user-friendly approach and reliability cater to a wider audience seeking a more straightforward yet rewarding espresso experience.

In this playful yet informative duel, both machines stand as champions in their own right, each appealing to different preferences and aspirations of home baristas. Whether you lean towards tradition, craftsmanship, and the tactile experience of the Europiccola or prefer the modern, consistent, and accessible brewing method of the Flair 58, both promise an exhilarating journey into the world of manual espresso brewing. The choice ultimately lies in your preference for tradition or innovation, artistry or convenience. Cheers to brewing your perfect cup!


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