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Flair 58+ vs Flair 58 LE

Flair 58+ vs Flair 58 LE

Visually, both the Flair 58 LE and the 58+ look incredibly similar with the walnut wood trims and accessory inclusions in the box. This article is here to show you the similarities, and more importantly the differences between the two Flair models.

Both models are fundamentally the same when it comes to brewing an incredible espresso, however the convenience and accessibility is different. They both use the lever system to create enough pressure push water forcibly through the beans to get your that liquid gold at the end.

You can play with the pressure profile on both espresso makers to get a variety of different flavour and texture profiles.



Flair 58+ Flair 58 LE
Palm Tamper Yes Yes
Pre-Heat Controller Yes Yes
Low-flow basket Yes Yes
High-flow basket Yes Yes
Articulating Mirror Yes Yes
Puck Screen Yes Yes


Points of Differences:

In a nutshell, the main difference between the Flair 58+ and the Flair 58 LE is that the Flair 58 plus features the new brew head with a quick disconnect preheat controller. This will allow you to use it without a power point to heat up the brew head.

Another important difference is the new one-slot plunger for more convenient brewing. It means you'll be able to fill up the brew head whilst the plunger is inserted and the lever is raised.

Both of the differences above are upgrades from the LE model and now come stock with the Flair 58 and 58x.

Apart from those quality of life differences, the Flair 58 plus come with aesthetic differences:

  • Blacked out screws
  • Blacked out pressure gauge background
  • Different nuances to the logo imprints


blacked out pressure gauge on flair 58 plus close up
flair 58+ shot pull close up
close up of articulating mirror



All-in-all, the Flair 58+ incorporates all the new upgrades that the base model 58 also has, but with the accessories and walnut trims the 58 LE had. The Flair 58 LE still carries on the old brew head and plunger insert. The Flair 58 Plus also has a more thought-out nuance in design and attention to detail.


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Where Do I get One?

Flair 58+ manual lever pressed
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